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Pictures and videos


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December 2015 show Van Gemeren Mechanisatie (thanks to
October 2015 Claas Jaguar 940 hakselaar delivered by Loonbedrijf Louwerse Serooskerke
July 2015 Grass seed harvest with big material brought in at Coorndijck Expl.Mij Goudswaard
July 2015 Claas Lexion 780TT with Claas V1230 header delivered to Koninklijke Maatschap de Wilhelminapolder
June 2015 L. Kats Agroservice from Numansdorp could overseed corn with grass to full content Güttler Greenseeder
September 2013 On the road with our engineers (Landbouwmechanisatie)


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01-2015 Holmer Exxact demo England (thanks to Holmer Exxact)

14-10-2014 L. Kats Agroservice from Numansdorp is the first company in The Netherlands to use a 6 meter wide Güttler Greenseeder with 410 L seed tank. Our salesman Cornelis Kats is glad to give you an explanation about these machines in the next video (in Dutch) (thanks to

15-08-2014 Claas Lexion 780 TT demo at Kon. MTS de Wilhelminapolder (thanks to Tractorspotter).

27-11-2013 Official opening of our new showroom

11-07-2013 Graindemo day at Westmaas

12-04-2012 Tractortest Claas Arion 430 CIS (thanks to mechamanportaal)

24-11-2011 Gemtec Multibox row fertilizer

27-04-2011 Baselier planting combination. Milling, planting and and making ridges at the same time.