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Power-sieving, the optimum tuning for your combine

ALFA GR/E Hoge capaciteits-zeef:
Voor graan, koolzaad, gras- en klaverzaad, zonnebloemen, rijst, bijzondere gewassen (groenten- en bloemzaden), deels voor korrelmaïs en voor de biologische landbouw.

By means of these power-sieves you obtain a cleaner product in your tank. Thanks to the aerodynamic guidance there is a better, more even distribution of the wind. More wind can also be set, which causes more cleaning. Due to the straw-stop fingers, the return is less short, all together gives less load on the drum during return and less fine product on the tedders. As a result, there is less signal on the sensors of the loss monitors and it is possible to drive faster up to approximately one kilometer.
We have extensive experience with various machines in the grass seed and in oil flax, where especially the better cleaning has been noticed.
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ALFA CZ/4 Hoge capaciteits-zeef
Voor korrelmaïs en CCM