Family business since 1898

Van Gemeren Mechanisatie B.V., formerly W. van Gemeren & Zonen N.V. was founded by Willem van Gemeren (†) in 1898. It was then taken over by his sons Johannes (†) & Piet van Gemeren (†). After that it was taken over by Johannes' son Wim van Gemeren (†) and is now led by his son Johan van Gemeren. A real family business!

From 1898 to 1967 the company was located at the Stougjesdijk in Oud-Beijerland. Subsequently, the company moved to a location next to the junction between the Kwakscheweg and the Stougjesdijk. This building was in use until 1972. From 1972 to 1981 the company was located at the Burgemeester de Zeeuwstraat in Numansdorp. The current building on Industriestraat has been in use since 1981.

In 2011 plans were made to expand the building. In anticipation of this, two people from the construction industry were hired. Since then, a second company, Van Gemeren Constructief, has been established in the building.

In 2012, the existing building was completely renovated and a showroom has been added. Because of the design of the showroom, machines can be viewed better. Agricultural machines are becoming increasingly complex and the possibilities for use are not always optimally used. That is why an instruction room has been built in the new showroom so that we can provide our customers with all information during instruction meetings. With this we want to contribute to the transfer of knowledge. In addition, customers can exchange user experiences in meetings of that type.