Family business since 1898

Van Gemeren Mechanisatie B.V., used to be W. van Gemeren & Zonen N.V. was founded by Willem van Gemeren (†) in 1898. It was then taken over by his sons Johannes (†) & Piet van Gemeren (†), and then taken over by Johannes' son Wim van Gemeren (†). The company is now being leaded by his son Johan van Gemeren. A real family company!

The company is situated in Numansdorp. In the same building is a second company since 2011: Van Gemeren Constructief.

A few years ago Johan van Gemeren had the idea of expanding the company by a showroom where customers could see well maintained machines. By organizing workshops for clients, Van Gemeren wants to deliver to their clients knowledge needed to use the machines as optimally as possible. Also, it brings users together to make it possible for them to exchange personal experiences about the machines.

After the beginning of 2011, anticipating on the plans, two constructors formerly employed at ’t Hooft were hired to help during the building of the new showroom. Van Gemeren Constructief was then founded and on 21 Februrary of 2012 papers were signed for these future proof investments.

The newest part of the building was opened in November 2013. On the first floor of the new showroom is an instruction/meeting room. All machines are becoming more complex and not all usage possibilities are being used. By organizing theme days and nights Van Gemeren wants to deliver an extra contribution to knowledge needed to use these capital intensive investments as optimal as possible. Also bringing users together makes it possible for the users to exchange personal experiences about the machines.